EQTEC Germany was founded as EQtec UG (haftungsbeschränkt) in 2016 to provide a comprehensive solution to the environmental problems of waste recycling, fighting air pollution and introducing economy efficient advanced technology to Indonesia and Denmark and make it one of the most environmental and advanced countries in the world.

We offer a variety of products from our CCC partner including a technology called Chemical Catalytic Conversion (CCC) that converts waste, biomass, brown coal etc. to high quality synthetic diesel and asphalt. We also introduce products that prevents air pollution and has a positive impact on public health.

Since 2016, EQtec UG has the “Exclusive rights” for all CCC products including the CCC Plants, ICR, and synthetically platinum Catalysator in Indonesia, South East Asia and Denmark. 

Our global partners:
PT Pratiwi Putri Sulung
Badan Pengkajian Dan Penerapan Teknologi